Vakrangee is committed to preserving the planet. To this end, we consistently take efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, produce and consume responsibly, provide clean drinking water facility and contribute towards the overall development of the ecosystem.

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We have taken the responsibility to conserve environment for creating a better world for today and for the future. Our focus areas are reducing carbon footprints, using disruptive technology, clean water and sanitation, and responsible consumption and production.

Clear Water and Sanitation

Every Vakrangee Kendra has an arrangement of a water cooler providing drinking water facilities to people, free of cost. Since 80% of Vakrangee Kendras are centred in Tier V and Tier VI cities, we are thus creating clean water drinking facilities in remote areas.

Using Disruptive Technology

We make use of disruptive technology such as e-KYC, interoperability, and real-time transactions. Furthermore, we use advanced features that are environment-friendly, such as paperless banking, real-time banking, and biometric evaluation. Being digital and paperless in nature, our Kendras generate negligible paper waste and zero plastic waste.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Our Vakrangee Kendras contribute towards reducing carbon footprint. We provide banking services, insurance products, e-Governance services, logistics services and e-Commerce products and services. We cater to our customers by offering them a bouquet of products and services within walking distance, which is time effective and saves fuel cost. Our Kendras our also helping towards saving substantial carbon emissions by being located at walkable distances.

Responsible Consumption
and Production

At Vakrangee Kendras: We have adopted ‘Go Green’ initiatives. Our banking processes run on AePS (Aadhaar enabled Payment System) model. Moreover, ATM transactions do not generate printed receipts. The transaction acknowledgments are sent via SMS. We are working towards achieving environmentally sound management of paper through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse, in order to minimise their adverse impacts on the environment.

Our Kendras also minimise hazardous waste by using refillable ink cartridges. Minimal generation of waste prevents exposure of community members to hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

At Vakrangee Workplace: We have equipped our office with solar power. Our workplace is constructed with glass walls to allow maximum sunlight within the premises. By doing this, we are eliminating the use of electricity by replacing it with daylight. We have also installed LED lightings to ensure responsible consumption of electricity.

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