At Vakrangee, we believe in our ethos of giving back to society and empowering the underprivileged communities. We aspire to contribute towards the growth of our economy, thereby doing our part in making the world a better place to live.

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For us, sustainable development of communities where we operate in a significant part of our corporate social responsibility. Our focus areas include financial, social and digital inclusion.

Reduced Inequalities

Vakrangee aims to improve the standard of living of rural citizens in the country. We are the human equalisers of life, bridging the gap between India’s urban and rural population. Our Next Gen Vakrangee Kendras are in sync with our theme “Ab PooriDuniyaPados Mein”. Our Kendras are ‘One Stop Shop Convenience Stores’, offering the urban and rural citizens goods and services at the same price, same time and of the same quality.

Gender Equality

Vakrangee has a focus on gender equality. We invite both male and female as franchisees. We ensure full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision making. Additionally, we adopt and strengthen sound policies for the promotion of gender equality and women empowerment.

Enhancing Skills

Our business model facilitates skill enhancement. We take ordinary individuals and train them with skill sets that helps them yield remarkable results. Additionally, a basic certification is needed for rendering Aadhaar and Banking Services, which helps these individuals to enhance their technical skills.

Digital Inclusion

We are taking digital literacy to the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid and serving as the last-mile link to connect India’s unserved and under-served Rural and Urban citizens by offering them biometric-enabled banking and e-commerce services at our Kendras. We provide the same products and services to India’s urban and rural population at affordable prices.

Decent Work and
Economic Growth

We provide right opportunities to people – to get work that is productive, stable, and well- paid. We are driving rural consumption and rural growth through our Kendras. Our franchisees create local work opportunities by hiring resources and undertaking skill development, with certification for banking and insurance services. We make people contribute to India’s economic growth to achieve fair globalisation and poverty reduction.

Innovation and Infrastructure

We leverage our technology platform to provide a one-stop solution and real-time access to over 100 million products and 1,000 services under a single roof, thereby creating last mile infrastructure for distribution of various products and services. We are building resilient infrastructure and fostering technology innovation through real-time paperless biometric-enabled banking. Also, inter-operable banking is being achieved by connecting the core banking servers of major banks.

Financial Inclusion

We provide access to basic Banking and Insurance services. Also, we enable transfer of Government subsidies directly into the bank accounts of citizens through the Government’s Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme. With the prospective financial inclusion of a larger section of the society responsible for more than half of India’s GDP, the Indian economy can be further enlarged and energised. We call this the “Vakrangee Effect”.

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